Application development + data integration with identity at the core

The team took our strategy and helped frame up the guiding principles and technical approach across the platform. They conducted themselves as if Alterra Mountain Company was their company and their primary concern. Kilterset has been more than just a delivery agent; they’ve partnered with us in a manner where they are also our trusted advisor.
- Andy Villas, VP of Digital Solutions, Alterra Mountain Company

Kilterset is redefining Auth0 customer experience with rapid implementation time to value. At Kilterset, we don’t just offer implementation services; we seek to empower our customers by teaching them to fish. Our mission goes beyond identity implementations. With the experience to build on top of identity, extend the value of our customer’s platforms, and unite people, process, and technology, Kilterset can unlock incredible business value. We’re here to shape the next stage of your digital initiatives.


Our identity is Identity.

With over a decade of experience developing identity-focused solutions, Kilterset is a leader in platform transformation. Now we've partnered with Okta to deliver impactful identity experiences alongside Okta's Auth0 offering.


You + Auth0 + Kilterset = Better Together

Developing on the Okta platform helps to cut through complexity, reduces the amount of custom code required, and shortens time to value, which all adds up to getting the most from your technology investment.

Together with the Okta platform, Kilterset enables our customer’s business to grow by integrating and extending their core offering. As we do this, we work as a trusted partner so our customers can fully own this growth.