Application development + data integration with identity at the core

fall in love with the problem not the solution
- Uri Levine

For the digitally advanced enterprise looking to drive more value from their customer data, Kilterset is an customer centric application development and integration team that creates smart, simple, trusted relationships with customers so they can do the same with theirs.


The best experience anywhere is the expected experience everywhere.

Bad data anywhere can lead to big problems everywhere.

Winning and keeping customer attention is critical when it comes to driving revenue for your business. Good data enables excellent customer experience and excellent customer experience enables good data.


Maintaining data quality and governance while minimizing disruption through change equates to customer retention. We all know how hard it is to win customers. Kilterset can ensure you don't have to win them back.

Connecting people, process & technology - We have yet to find a customer whose business stands still. Advancement and innovation requires continual addition, consolidation, extension and change of systems and processes.


Our Identity is identity.

With over a decade of experience developing identity solutions in concert with Okta Auth0, Kilterset is the leader in CIC solution development.


Okta + Auth0 + Kilterset = Better Together

Kilterset applications developed on the Okta platform minimize the amount of custom code required to get the most from your technology investment.

Together with the proven Okta technology platforms, we allow your business to grow your customers' spend without growing your technology spend and creating unnecessary technical debt.