Strategic Partners

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Identity Providers (IdPs) accelerate outcomes, unify systems, and manage risk. If there's one thing we've learned over the past decade, it's that identity is never trivial. It's crucial to the success of any organization, it's difficult to get right, and it's expensive to get wrong.

We believe all identity eventually leads to Auth0, now part of OKTA.

With over a decade of IdP integrations under our belt, Kilterset has the experience to recommend Auth0 as a critical component of customer platforms. We’ve used Auth0 since they were founded, we’re convinced of its benefits, and we’re betting our business on Okta as a strategic partner.

Heroku makes DevOps a breeze. It’s been our go-to platform for over a decade. In that time we’ve seen first hand, many times, the efficiencies it brings to software delivery. From effortless deployment, an enormous integration plug-in portal, and fantastic insights into container management, we’re all in on Heroku as a platform for accelerating customer time-to-value.