Auth0 to Salesforce integration

Maximize your marketing potential by integrating Auth0 or Okta Customer Identity Cloud (CIC) with Salesforce. Get started quickly and easily with one of our free Auth0 Marketplace extensions or talk to us for more advanced, customized Salesforce integrations. Discover how we tailor a solution to your needs from unified identity to personalised, AI-driven marketing campaigns.

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Why connect Auth0 to Salesforce?

Consumer expectations for customer experience (CX) have never been higher. We know the promise of the tools: from personalised, AI-driven marketing campaigns to predictive actions and insights, businesses are equipped like never before to meet the challenge. But these tools are only as good as your ability to provide them with consolidated and unified customer data.

We can help.

The Salesforce platform, with its wide array of products and services, is a natural home for this data. Whether using it for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or as a Customer Data Platform (CDP), keeping this data up-to-date with your Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solution is critical. Shortfalls in journey and account-based marketing often stem from disparate and disconnected data.

Successfully integrating Salesforce and Auth0 enables:

  • Personalised marketing campaigns based on accurate, real-time customer profile data
  • Greater precision for predictive customer scores
  • Marketing interests and insights to be provided from Salesforce back to customer-facing apps and websites through each customer’s Auth0-issued identity profile

Get started with a free Auth0 Marketplace integration

Simple Salesforce Leads allows you to track your Auth0 users in Salesforce, so you can automatically build your CRM from your website sign-ins and sign-ups.

Create Salesforce Leads from Auth0 logins

A Lead is created in an Auth0 whenever a user signs in. Duplicates in Salesforce are respected. You can keep a reference to the Lead in Auth0 and a reference to the Auth0 user in Salesforce.

Secure and robust

The Action runs on Auth0. We have no access to your Salesforce data. It has been thoroughly tested and designed to be fault-tolerant and easy to troubleshoot.


You can place the Action at any point in an Auth0 Login Flow. Choose how the Lead’s company is determined based on the Auth0 profile. Specify how Auth0 app metadata fields and Salesforce Custom Fields are mapped.

Free to use with support available

This integration is only the start of what’s possible. Have questions? Want to explore more together?
Contact us anytime to discuss this action free of charge.

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This enables a common use-case for Salesforce, and is a great place to start. But there are limitations:

  • Syncing is uni-directional, from Auth0 to Salesforce
  • Data is moment-in-time, not real-time: if a customer’s details are updated in Auth0, the Lead won’t be updated automatically
  • The Lead is only created when a customer logs in, populating historical Auth0 users into Salesforce is not supported
  • Deleting a user in Auth0 won’t delete the corresponding Lead
  • Only Leads are supported; other sObjects such as Accounts, Contacts, and Custom Objects are not

If you’re interested in more advanced capabilities like these, talk to us to see how we can help. To achieve your outcomes we can work from within Salesforce, within Auth0, or externally to meet your specific needs.

Our custom integration services

Seamless Salesforce integration

Bring Auth0 and Salesforce closer together in a way tailored to your needs. Use Salesforce as a Customer Data Platform, build personalised marketing campaigns, or take advantage of Salesforce services such as Data Cloud for Marketing or integrating with Mulesoft. We can set up data pipelines that keep Salesforce and Auth0 in step and enable your team to achieve higher customer satisfaction, better employee productivity and improved operational efficiency.

Depth of solution

We are not your usual vendor. We approach problems as a true partner, in a cross-disciplinary way using well-honed design thinking and engineering practices that focus on achieving meaningful business objectives. Our capabilities expand beyond identity and Salesforce and into custom application development and deep engineering problems, enabling us to solve problems holistically and effectively.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you achieve your immediate goals while working towards the bigger picture.

Our experience

We’re an accredited Okta partner specialising in Okta Customer Identity Cloud and Auth0 by Okta. For over 10 years, our team has been developing customer-centric identity solutions and applications at scale.

We create smart, simple, trusted relationships with customers so they can do the same with theirs.

Talk to us to explore what’s possible

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